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Educational Research



This guide focuses on a number of resources useful for research in Education.

Sage Research Methods

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Sage Research Methods

Choosing the appropriate methodology is key when conducting research in education. The database SAGE Research Methods (SRM) may be very useful in this regard. SRM contains over 640 books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks, the entire “Little Green Book,” and “Little Blue Book” series, journal articles, and newly commissioned videos. Researchers can explore methods concepts to help design research projects, understand particular methods or identify a new method, conduct research, and write up findings. 

SAGE Research Methods Cases
SAGE Research Methods Cases (SRMC) is a collection of hundreds of case studies of real social research, specially commissioned and designed to support teaching and learning in research methods. Each case is written to help students understand the often abstract-feeling methodological concepts by seeing how methods have been used in actual projects.