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Data Visualization


DV at Boston College

Tools and resources for visualizing data focusing on open access software and data sources

Data Visualization Tools

Many quantitative and qualitative software packages offered at Boston College  have data visualization tools available within the software.

This page lists the major statistical software packages supported by BC and some detailed descriptions of the tools.

For researcher information about access to the software go to Research Services: Software Supporting Research

For assistance email Data Services or contact Jiebei Luo, Data Services Librarian

SPSS Visualization Tools

SAS Data Visualization

Geographic Information Systems

Boston College students have access  to ArcGIS, a premier geographic information systems software for mapping and graphs.  Boston College has a GIS data collection which focuses on demographics and business information, however, most data with a geographic component can be mapped. Many government agencies also provide free interactive mapping and graphing in addition to free GIS data collections in many fields.  For information about our GIS data collection, services and support   see the research guide below or contact Data Services.

ProQuest Mapping

Map of United States by State Color Coded for Seasonally Adjusted Unemployment Rate

NVivo Data Visualization