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Critically Teaching & Learning About Black History & Culture


Children's & Young Adult Literature

HIstory centering the Black perspective

Critical Thinking & Blackness

Black stories, history, and thought are under attack. The George Floyd murder created a reckoning with the history and treatment of Black people in the United States. While some in our country are listening and grappling with our racial history and discrimination, others are trying to suppress Black perspectives and history to maintain the dominant narrative that has dictated traditions, cultural norms, history, and our governance.

This guide was created to understand the complexities of Blackness and Anti-Blackness in the United States. The books listed provide discussion about Black History, Black Intersectionality, Black Lives Matter, Black Joy, and aspects of Black Culture under 'The Gaze.'

Also included are resources for educators to learn and incorporate into instruction, from pedagogical approaches to lesson plans.

Being critical involves analysis of the merits and faults. These resources create discussion, introspection, learning, and progression because silence and avoidance are no longer options.

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Children's Literature Informational Texts

Middle Grade & Young Adult Literature

Middle Grade & Young Adult Informational Text