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Chemical & Physical Property Data



Find online and print sources for chemical data.

PatentPak in SciFinder-N -- easier access to patent data

PatentPak, now available through SciFinder-N at Boston College, provides easy access to OCR-searchable PDF patents from 46 major patent offices patents.  Patents are delivered in multiple languages, searchable by reactions, claim language, chemical names, and structures. You may also download multiple PDFs in multiple tabs.  Choose PatentPak, then Viewer, for greatest functionality.  Learn more.

General Information

Rich in data, patents are an important part of the primary literature of the sciences. Access to patent literature has become much easier with the growth of the Web. SciFinder-N provides literature references and improved access to patent documents for chemically-related U.S. and  international patent literature. For the most comprehensive search of the patent literature, commercial patent databases may provide a more reliable option, especially when searched by an experienced patent searcher.

General Information Concerning Patents (USPTO)