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HIST 4242-01: With God at their Side


Getting Started

Guide to Dr. Rafferty's upper level course "With God at their Side"

Welcome to With God at their Side: Religion and World War I (HIST424201)

The aim here is to look at religion as a factor in World War I and the part played by the various Christian Churches in the conflict. This will be examined from the respective viewpoints of all the belligerents. How much did religion figure in the lives of the ordinary combatants? Were there no atheists in the war? Did religious motivation vary among social classes and national groups? What were the peculiar difficulties, for example, in French and Italian religious participation in the war? Although the course will primarily concern itself with Christianity some consideration will be given to Islamic and Jewish perspectives.

Primary Sources on the First World War


For additional primary sources, see you library liaison or go to:

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