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Building the Psychology Collection

Starting Point for Psychology Research

O'Neill Library Psychology Collection Emphasis

The collection supports the teaching and research needs of the Psychology Department

The psychology curriculum at Boston College features five areas of concentration, and these include: Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognitive Neuroscience, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Quantitative Psychology. Books, periodicals, and online databases are selected to provide comprehensive coverage in these five areas. The psychology collection also supports courses required as part of the core curriculum. Materials supporting the study of counseling & clinical psychology are also collected to meet the research needs of the Counseling, Developmental, & Educational Psychology Department within the Lynch School of Education.

Because psychology has become increasingly interdisciplinary as a field, the collection is enchanced by material in allied disciplines, including:  psychoanalytic studies, biology, education, sociology, social work, and gender studies. 

More on Collections

For information about how the library collections at Boston College are being developed, go to the Collections page.

Help Us Build the Collections

Please feel free to recommend items for the library collections by e-mailing a Subject Librarian or fill out the Suggest a Purchase form.