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About dissertations and theses

Doctoral dissertations and master's theses  are rich information resources.  In the past, they have been very difficult to obtain, but many are now readily available through various databases and repositories.

Dissertations and theses general provide a comprehensive literature review  and extensive bibliography for the topic, as well as original research.  In addition, if you are contemplating graduate study, skimming the dissertations and theses of your potential departments and advisors can give you an inside look into the scope and nature of research there (hint: read what students write about their advisors in the acknowledgements section!)

Find Boston College dissertations and theses

Boston College dissertations and theses are available in several formats.  More recent ones may be available online;  older ones are available in microform. Search for these in Holmes in advanced search, using "BC THESES" in the  "Local Collection Name" field from the dropdown menu.

Find dissertations and theses from other institutions