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Refinitiv Workspace (Formerly Thomson One) User Guide


Registering for Datastream

This is a guide on how to use the Refinitiv Workspace (Thomson ONE).

Registering for Datastream

Datastream (DSCHART) via Refiniv Workspace replaces Datastream Advance. Most of what you found in Datastream Advance is now on their new platform and you can use the resource on most browsers.

  • Due to the limited number of individual seats available for Datastream, access to individual seats is restricted to current BC Faculty (personal and class accounts), PhD and Masters level students. Research assistants working for faculty may also request accounts with faculty approval.
  • For all other active BC community members, O'Neill Workstation D1 has Refinitiv Workspace, Datastream, and the Datastream Excel add-in installed and is available for use.

To request a Datastream seat be added to your Workspace account, please email Doug Olsen (

**Note: The Datastream excel add-in is currently available only for PCs.