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Psychology: Finding Tests & Measures


Books with Tests

This guide will help you navigate the sometimes complicated process of findings tests and measures in the field of psychology.

Searching the Books

Health Science Librarian Helen Hough at the University of Texas has created this superb, helpful site listed below. The search bar at the top of the page allows you to type in the name of the test you are looking for. The site than searches the table of contents of dozens of books for the test and generates a list of books where you can find the test. Check our tests & measures section to see if we have any of the listed books, or check Holmes to see if we carry any of the books in the BC libraries.

Online & Print Books

The books below that have a link are all available online. The books that have a call number listed are available in the reference section of the O'Neill Library.

Additional Books at the Social Work Library

The following list of books are all available on a special section of the reference area of the Social Work Library:

  • Assessing Children's Well-Being: a Handbook of Measures
  • Practitioner's Guide to Empirically Based Measures of Anxiety
  • Handbook of Research Design and Social Measurement
  • Measures of Religiosity
  • The Clinical Measurement Package
  • Handbook of Tests and Measurements for Black Populations
  • Handbook of Clinical Assessment of Children and Adolescents
  • Handbook of Tests and Measurement in Education and the Social Sciences
  • Research Instruments in Social Gerontology
  • Measuring Health : a Guide to Rating Scales and Questionnaires
  • Practitioner's Guide to Empirically Based Measures of Depression
  • Measures of Political Attitudes
  • Measures of Personality and Social Psychological Attitudes
  • Compendium of Quality of Life Instruments
  • Assessment and Treatment of Childhood Problems
  • Sourcebook of Adult Assessment Strategies
  • Handbook of Family Measurement Techniques
  • Rating Scales for Mental Health

Subject Guide

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