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Psychology: Finding Tests & Measures


Tests in Journal Articles

This guide will help you navigate the sometimes complicated process of findings tests and measures in the field of psychology.

Finding Tests in Journal Articles

Sometimes authors of a journal article will describe a scale, test, or measure that they either used or created for their research. The authors will occasionally include the scale in the appendix of their article. There is a way to search for articles with appended tests in PsycInfo.

In order to find articles that have reprints of tests in the appendix, it is helpful to use the keyword "append*" when you type in words for your search.

Here is an example of how you would set up a search in PsycInfo:

As you look through the abstracts of the articles, look for keywords like "Appended" as highlighted below. This means that you will find the full-text of the instrument in the appendix of the article.



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