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Datastream (now available via Refinitiv Workspace)

This research guide is designed to help you find key financial market information. It identifies resources in the specific areas of stocks, bonds, interest rates, mutual funds, and commodities.


Datastream (DSCHART) via Refinitiv Workspace (formerly Datastream Advance) provides current and historical time series data on stocks, stock indices, bonds, futures, interest rates, commodities, derivatives, exchange rates, and economic data. The scope is global in coverage and depending on the series, most market data is available on a daily basis; and most economic data is available on a  monthly or quarterly one. ​

  • Due to the limited number of individual seats available for Datastream, access to individual seats is restricted to current BC Faculty (personal and class accounts), PhD and Masters level students. Research assistants working for faculty may also request accounts with faculty approval. 
  • For all other active BC community members, O'Neill Workstation D1 has Refinitiv Workspace, Datastream, and the Datastream Excel add-in installed and is available for use.

Need further help? Ask Us or Refinitiv Support. 

Trainings & Certifications

Tutorials and Training Videos for Datastream are available with sign-in.

Refinitiv now offers certificates for their major tools; currently Datastream and Eikon. The Workspace certification is currently under development. Please visit Refinitiv's Certification page for further details to get certified.


Who Can Use It?

Datastream is only available to current BC faculty, staff and students.