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This research guide is designed to help you find key financial market information. It identifies resources in the specific areas of stocks, bonds, interest rates, mutual funds, and commodities.


Bloomberg (BC Community only) O'Neill Library.  There is an additional Bloomberg terminal for CSOM graduate students located in the computer lab, room 260, Fulton Hall.
The easiest method for finding spot commodity prices is to type the commodity name, then the word spot and hit the F1 Help key. For historical commoditiy prices try using the help function to find the proper ticker. To do this, type the commodity name and then hit the F1 Help key. From the list then select the proper commodity, type the commodity code and then the yellow commodity key and then GO. Alternatively use the yellow commodity key followed by either CEM or OTM and GO.

Datastream (BC Community only) O'Neill Library
Contains data for major futures exchanges in UK and United States with some history going back to 1970s, but for the rest, typically from mid-or late 1990s.

Commodity Yearbook - (1939-present) This annual publication is the book of record of the Commodity Research Bureau, which is, in turn, the organization of record for the commodity industry.

Commodity Charts and Quotes
Free site that provides daily, weekly, monthly, and historical data