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Setting up an Open Access Journal


Publicizing your Issues

This guide is useful for anyone interested in starting a scholarly journal. This guide aims to cover some of the best practices around forming an editorial board, advertising calls for submission, creating journal policies, and indexing and marketing your

Publicizing your Issues

Once you have published an issue, there are several ways for you to advertise it across not only the university, but to the broader community interested in your scholarship. Additionally, indexing your journal in relevant repositories makes it much easier to find in library catalogues and google searches. Here are a list of repositories that might be a good match for your e-journals:

  • Ensuring that your articles appear in Google Scholar searches is a great way to ensure your e-journal is accessible;

In terms of advertising your e-journal around the Boston College communities, there are some resources that are good to have on hand.

  • There are a number of social media accounts that the library uses to promote content - and there is likely a discipline specific social media presence related to the content of your e-journal, whether it is a department or center on campus. The Library has a Digital Scholarship twitter account, which has the purpose of advertising new digital content - like your E-Journal;

  • The Graduate Student Newsletter is published every other week and has a very active readership. Contact to inquire about an announcement for your E-Journal;

  • The Digital Scholarship Team has a digital display in the lobby of O'Neill - if your e-journal has a cover to share, please feel free to send it to to have it appear on the cycle of advertisements;

  • As with indexation, your library subject liaison may have some ideas for where to advertise your e-journal outside of Boston College, whether via listservs, online forums, or other means.

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