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Setting up an Open Access Journal


Calls for Submission

This guide is useful for anyone interested in starting a scholarly journal. This guide aims to cover some of the best practices around forming an editorial board, advertising calls for submission, creating journal policies, and indexing and marketing your

Calls for Submission

Perhaps the most important part of advertising is calling for submissions. Posting calls for submissions in local networks and listservs can generate connect for your journal. If you would like ideas or need help finding scholars who are interested in submitting work, the Digital Publishing & Outreach Specialist can help to promote your journal.

Especially for newer e-journals, making sure to publize calls for submissions in the right places is an important way to ensure that there is plenty of quality content for your first publications.

Here are few some helpful things to keep in mind as you plan your calls for submissions:

  • Are there any Centers on campus that might have researchers interested in contributing to your e-journal?

  • For undergraduate e-journals, are there any courses that might produce research papers that could be featured in your e-journal?

  • What is your publication schedule - in order to make sure you are constantly receiving high-quality, topical articles, when you announce a call for submissions is a key consideration?

  • Your Library Subject Liaison may have some helpful resources as far as finding scholarship in your discipline, and may know of places where you might be able to advertise your call for submissions in a discipline specific listserv or forum.