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Collection Development for Education


Additional Criteria

Criteria for collecting and maintaining materials in the subject area of Education, with links to general library collection policies.

Format Selection

Format decisions follow the General Collection Development Policy by default, but allow for considerations of requester preference, curricular needs, and other factors. 

In general:

  • The great majority of the journals are electronic, with a strong criterion that they have perpetual access.  Selected electronic journal backfiles are purchased, to augment available content or replace print, based on requests, usage data, and space considerations.

  • Monographs are preferentially purchased as eBooks when they are purchased in support of online classes or programs and offer support for wider access.  Edited, individually-authored chapter works are also often purchased as eBooks..  Exceptions may be made at individual user request. Detailed eBook decisions (single user, multi user, platform, etc.) follow established BC Library guidelines. 

  • Bibliographic Databases provide access to the literature of the field and are exclusively purchased in electronic format. 

  • Material types, specific to Education, may include: datasets, Tests and Measures and Video (purchased in electronic and streaming video format if possible).




Most of the material collected is in the English language.  However, important critical works on educational theory and practice in French, Spanish, German and other European languages may also be added to the collection.  Preference is given to English translations, when available, of these foreign language works.

Currency of the Materials Collected

Primary focus is centered on up-to-date material on current theories and practices in education.  However, there is purchasing of works dealing with earlier periods, particularly of works concerned with foundational aspects of education, e.g. philosophy of education, sociology of education, history of education, anthropology of education, intercultural education etc. 

Purchasing emphases current scholarship; historical coverage is added for research purposes.