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OpenAthens is our primary way to allow access to electronic resources both on and off campus. When sharing a link to library resources by email, or in Canvas, be sure to use links accessed through the library's website. See Linking to Library Resources for more details.

Using OpenAthens on Publisher Sites

On many publisher websites, you will see a Login button. Log in using the Institutional Login or OpenAthens Login (wording will vary by publisher), select Boston College from the institution list and login with your BC username and password. If you are asked to select a federation, please select OpenAthens Federation.

OpenAthens sign in

  • Whenever possible, access the Libraries' online resources from the Library search box or from the Database list.
  • If you are on a publisher website and did not go through the library to get there, you can log in using the Institutional Login. Select Boston College from the institution list.
  • Troubleshooting:  browser caching can cause problems, try clearing the browser cache and restarting the browser, or try using a different browser. If you are having trouble off-campus, try using the University's Eagle VPN service to create an on-campus connection.

OpenAthens uses cookies to remember your device’s IP address. If you change web browsers or devices you will be asked to login again. Generally the OpenAthens browser cookie expires every eight hours and then you'll have to login again.

BC Sign In

You must be a currently enrolled student, faculty, or staff member to sign in from off-campus. 

BC Alumni access

A select list of databases are available to alumni, see the Services for Alumni & Guests page.