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Bloomberg Guide


Getting Started

This is a general guide on Bloomberg basic features and functions.


Bloomberg provides current and historical financial information on equities, stock market indices, commodities, fixed-income securities, currencies, and futures for both international and domestic markets.  It also provides company profiles and financial statements, analysts'  forecasts, and news on worldwide financial markets. Boston College has an academic subscription and access is only available on campus for the current Boston College Community.  

There are two Bloomberg terminals on the BC campus:

  • O'Neill Library - main (3rd) floor
  • Fulton 124A - restricted to current Carroll School of Management graduate students and faculty.

Accessing Bloomberg

You must create your own Bloomberg login

  1. To access Bloomberg sign on to the computer with your BC username/password.
  1. Click on the Bloomberg icon.
  1. Press the green Enter (GO) key.
  1. Click the “Create New Login” link near the bottom of the page.
  1. Follow the instructions to create your own login.

Please limit your sessions to a half hour if someone is waiting.

Getting Started