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Bloomberg Guide


Searching Bloomberg

This is a general guide on Bloomberg basic features and functions.

Searching Bloomberg

There are several ways to search Bloomberg: keyword, commands via the keyboard and through the Excel add-on.

A simple way to look for information in Bloomberg is to enter a keyword in the search box at the top of the screen. 



Use keyboard commands to find data.

Main Yellow Market Sector Keys
Select the market you want to look in e.g. equities, commodities, etc.

Main Green Action Keys
GO: Activates all commands
MENU: Go back one level
PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN: Navigate between pages
Tip: Use the Cancel key to start over

Red Keys for Connecting/Disconnecting
To log on/off press the RED CONN DEFAULT key on the upper right hand corner of the keyboard. . 

What is the Excel Add-In?

The Bloomberg Excel API  (application programming interface) allows you to pull data from Bloomberg through Excel rather than from the regular Bloomberg terminal interface.  This is very helpful  for pulling large sets of data or comparing companies on a variety of factors.

How to Access the Excel Add-In

To access Bloomberg directly from Excel, you must dowload the ADD-In using the desktop icon. It will permanently save your profile.

Then open Excel on the desktop, choose Bloomberg > Import Data. The Bloomberg Data Wizard will walk you through the process. It is one of the easiest ways to import data.

You can search for static data and data sets using the Market, Reference, Analytical, Data Sets option; for time series data use the Historical End of Day option; and for intraday data use the Historical Intraday option.

For help in Excel,  select Bloomberg>Help from the top menu bar within Excel.