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BIOL 5130: Environmental Disruptors of Development



Library research guide for BI 5130: Environmental Disruptors of Development

Bibliographic Databases

Types of Articles

Finding peer-reviewed articles

Some databases have a checkbox to limit your results to  peer-reviewed articles.  Others have a tab on the results page for "scholarly articles."  If the database doesn't identify the journals as peer-reviewed, look the journal up in Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory; peer-reviewed (refereed) journals have this icon:

Review articles

A review articles summarizes the research on a given topic.  A recent review article can be a great place to start your literature search.  The extensive references to the primary research at the end will give you many other articles to explore. The literature review section of a dissertation can serve the same purpose.  Many databases will allow you to limit your search to review articles;  check the help section of the database for details.