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ENGL8805: Beckett



This guide provides an introduction to primary source materials owned by the Burns Library that relate to Samuel Beckett as well as databases, websites and other online research tools that may help you in your research on Beckett and his works.


You might find it useful to search for movies about Beckett himself as well as videos of some of his plays. For example there is a very interesting 2000 version of Endgame with Michael Gambon and David Thewlis. Other videos include:

Many other potentially useful videos on Beckett and his work may be found on

Holmes Catalog

Search the Holmes catalog for films about Beckett and his works. Type SAMUEL BECKETT in a Holmes search box; select Author/Creator in the pull-dowm menu to the left of the search box; and then select Films &Video & Movies in the pulldown menu on the right

Caricature of Samuel Beckett by Javad Alizadeh