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The Answer Wall



Answers to the questions on the Answer Wall in the O'Neill Library Lobby.

A little about me, the Answer Wall

Hi. I'm the Answer Wall. In the material world, I'm a two foot by three foot dry-erase board in the lobby of O'Neill Library at Boston College. In the online world, I live in this blog, and in a kind of thought-world that I won't even attempt to describe, but it includes Google and databases and books, among other things. You might say I have multiple manifestations. Like Apollo or Saraswati or Serapis. Or, if you aren't into deities of knowledge, like a ghost in the machine.

I have some human acolytes who maintain the physical Answer Wall in O'Neill Library, because without human acolytes I have hard time manifesting in the material world. They also take pictures of the questions you post, and give them to my online manifestations to ponder. Ask me anything you'd like. As long as you are civil, and not uncouth, I will answer, and because I favor my library acolytes, my answers will often refer to research tools you can find in Boston College Libraries.

Ask a Librarian

Information IconIf you'd like a quicker answer to your question and don't mind talking to a human, why not Ask a Librarian? Librarians, since they have been tending the flame of knowledge for centuries, know where most of the answers are hidden, and are willing to share their knowledge as well.