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Guidelines for Academic Papers at the CSTM


Getting Started

This guide describes the accepted protocols governing submission of academic papers at the CSTM

Overview - Academic Writing at the CSTM

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During your studies at the CSTM, you will be assigned various writing projects, from short reflections to more lengthy research papers. This guide will answer your questions about the acceptable style and formatting of these assignments.

Faculty of the CSTM have approved the protocols detailed in this guide; however, individual professors reserve the authority to override these protocols for specific assignments. If no special instructions are given, you should follow the guidelines offered herein.

E-mail us with any questions you may have about the content of this guide.


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With Gratitude

The Clough School of Theology and Ministry (CSTM) thanks the Kenrick-Glennon Seminary of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis for granting permission to use the August 2015 revision of its Guidelines for Academic Papers in composing this guide. That document, created for the Seminary by Ms. Mary Ann Aubin, proved an invaluable resource. In fact, some sections of this guide, notably on the pages related to formatting and citations, were adopted directly from Ms. Aubin's work and adapted to meet the needs of CSTM students.

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