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Early English Books Online (EEBO): Tips for Using




Use Browse Authors to view an alphabetical list of authors and their works.

Example: Find works authored by Isaac Newton.

  1. Click the Authors link
  2. Type Newton in the Author box and click Look For. Or click N to jump to the first name beginning with N in the list.
  3. Click the page number links until you find Newton, Isaac, Sir, 1642-1727
  4. Click the View Works link next to his name to view works he authored or co-authored. 

Use Browse Thomason Tracts to view pamphlets, books, and manuscripts collected by George Thomason during the English Civil War (1640-1661).

Example: Browse broadsides from the House of Commons.

  1. Click Thomason Tracts link
  2. Click Broadsides from the text
  3. Click on Show all Items next to Volumes 1-5
  4. Click any link to read one page posters, announcements, and proclamations.

A. O Exquemelin (1684)

"History of the Bucaniers" title page