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Early English Books Online (EEBO): Tips for Using


Boolean Searching etc.

Operators & Search Tips


Retrieve all search terms. Example: Ireland AND Dublin


Retrieve any or all search terms. Example: games OR sports


Retrieve all works containing the first term but not the second. Example: children NOT school


Retrieve works where terms are within a specified distance of each other. In the absence of a number, NEAR defaults to 4 characters. Example: female NEAR/5 education

* (asterisk)

Add * to retrieve variations of a term. Example: caval* will find cavalcade, cavaleer, cavaleering, cavaliers, etc.


Multiple terms within the same search box are treated as if they have AND between them. To search a phrase, use quotation marks.


To search for phrases containing the terms AND, OR, or NOT use double quotes. Example: “war and peace” will find works with that exact phrase.

The Doctor Degraded (Titus Oates), 1685