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Request Materials


Request Materials

How to request items from the BC Libraries

What items can I request?

Request items that support your research and academic needs.  This includes items not in your preferred format (e.g. you can request a print book if we have the ebook). This is free for BC students, faculty, and staff.

Item Usually available in

Books - Offsite (BC books stored offsite)

1-2 days
Books - Checked out (BC books currently on loan) 2-7 days
Books - Not at BC (Books not in the BC collection) 2-7 days
Articles 1-3 days
Book chapters (up to 10% of book) 1-3 days
Theses and dissertations 1-5 days
Media items (films, music, audio) 1-7 days
Tests & measures (FAQ) not available
Harvard Business School cases (FAQ) not available

How do I request an item?

Item What to do
Books - Offsite (BC books stored offsite) Find the item in the catalog, Sign-in, and use Request button to have it delivered to your library
Books - Checked out (BC books currently on loan)

Find the item in the catalog, and click Request Book to request via Interlibrary loan or

find the item in WorldCat and use the Request button

Books - Not at BC, Articles, Book Chapters, other material

Request via Interlibrary loan  or 

find the item in WorldCat and use the Request button

How long can items be used and how do i check the status?

Item How long Status
BC owned items see Loan Periods My catalog account
Books from other libraries usually 60 days, but can vary Interlibrary loan account
Articles / book chapters available for download for 30 days Interlibrary loan account
Other items varies by library Interlibrary loan account


Interlibrary Loan Account

Get Help

Interlibrary loan policies

Circulation (borrowing, recalls)

  • email circulation
  • call 617-552-8038
  • visit O'Neill circulation desk

Suggest a Purchase

If you want to recommend an item for our collection, contact a subject librarian and your suggestion will be reviewed.