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Request Materials


Request Materials

Requesting Materials from the Boston College Libraries


There are a variety of methods that BC faculty, staff and students can use to obtain library material for research and academic purposes.

Locally Owned Materials

We can retrieve materials from our offsite collections or recall a book that is currently checked out.

What can be requested? 

Circulating books and Audiovisual materials. Request materials through the Catalog.  Sign into the Catalog, locate the title needed and click on request. 

How long does it take? 

  • Offsite collections - can be retrieved within 1 business day. Materials can be delivered to any of the BC Libraries
  • Recalled Material (items currently checked out) - can take up to 14 days to become available.  Requesting the item from Worldcat or interlibrary loan may be the best option when all copies of a book are unavailable through BC Libraries. 

Length of Loans

Loan periods can be found here: Borrowing & Renewing Page.

Contact • 617-552-8038 • ​O'Neill Library Circulation Desk

Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery

Login to your ILL Account

What can be requested?  

  • Books, articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, dissertations and theses, audiovisual materials not owned by BC Libraries. We are not able to obtain Tests and Measures and Harvard Business School Cases. 
  • Scans of articles and books chapters owned by the BC Libraries.  

How long does it take? 

  • 1-5 business days for articles and book chapters not owned by Boston College Libraries.
  • 1-3 business days for articles and book chapters owned by Boston College Libraries.  
  • 2-7 business days for books and other physical materials. Sometimes it takes several requests for an item before we can obtain it. 

Length of Loans

  • Articles are sent via email and should be downloaded within 30 days of receipt. 
  • Books or other physical items are dependent upon the lending library's loan period and can range from 1-6 weeks.  If needed for a longer period, please contact the InterLibrary Loan department.

Additional Borrowing and Lending information

Lending           Borrowing

Contact • 617-552-3209 • O'Neill Library 306


Requests made through WorldCat allow for book delivery among the Boston Library Consortium members and libraries worldwide.

What can be requested? 

Books and audiovisual (AV) materials

How long does it take? 

1-5 business days 

Length of Loans 

60 days for books.  AV materials loan periods vary at the discretion of the lending library. 

Contact • ​617-552-8038 • ​O'Neill Library Circulation Desk



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