Boston College University Libraries

Remote Access to Library Resources: Off-Campus Access

This guide presents some tools to access BC Libraries' resources from off-campus or through GoogleScholar, including tools to create proxied URLs.

Proxy Bookmarklet

This bookmarklet, when clicked from the bookmarks bar, catches the active window's URL, prepends the BC Libraries proxy URL to it, and then reloads the page.

Login via BC 

Drag this link to your bookmarks bar

For Internet Explorer right-click and select "Add to favorites..."

URL Proxy prefix creator

Enter a library resource URL that you would like to prepend the BC Library's Proxy service URL upon, e.g., and then click the "Proxify this URL" button.

The box will display the new, proxied link below. Copy & Paste or click it to open in a new window.


How to Access Online Resources from Off-Campus

The BC Libraries use EZproxy software to provide remote access to subscribed resources for current facutly, staff and students. The methods listed below allow access to restricted resources by linking through BC's ezproxy and requesting login with your BC Username & Password.  Links found on the BC Libraries' website, Holmes Library CatalogDatabases, and Research Guides include the BC proxy in the URLs (  Use these tools to create proxied links:

Proxy Bookmarklet: Use the box on the left to drag the link to your bookmark bar.

URL Proxy prefix creator: Use the box to the left to enter a URL for a subscription resource to which you want to add the BC proxy.

LibX Toolbar:  Use LibX to add the BC proxy to a URL. 

GoogleScholar Library Links:  Set up Google Scholar so your search results link to resources at the BC Libraries.

Note:  As of November 2014, Eagle VPN will allow access to subcription library resources. 

BC Login

After selecting an online resource (database, e-journal, e-book, or article), you will see the BC Login page. If you are a current student, faculty, or staff member, login with your BC Username and Password.  Students must be currently enrolled in classes and listed as "active" with Student Services in order to login and use library resources from off-campus.  Your BC username is the same username that you use to log into BC Agora Portal ( Do not enter "".

Usually the BC Login is the only login page you should need. There are a few databases that require you to create an individual account.  If you see a login page other than the BC Login page or you are asked for a password other than your BC Password, there may be something wrong. Please Report the Problem.