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This guide highlights quick reference sources and major journals and indexes.

Getting Help

Mathematicians work increasingly with interdisciplinary resources in the areas:
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For help with your specific topic contact me via the contact information on the right. - Barbara Mento , Mathematics Librarian.


Mathematician Wins Simons Fellowship

Professor of Mathematics Tao Li has been award a 2015 Simons Foundation Fellowship, granted to accomplished faculty for their recent research and the potential impact of their future work. BC Chronicle

Mathematician Named Sloan Fellow

Assistant Professor of Mathematics David Geraghty has received a prestigious Sloan Research Fellowship, awarded annually by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to rising stars among U.S. and Canadian early-career scientists and scholars. Geraghty's work focuses on number theory and a sub-area known as the Langlands program. BC News Release


Understanding Common Core Math

Though the Common Core is unpopular with some, if properly implemented, its standards will lead to a generation of Americans students who are better prepared to use mathematics than at present, said McIntyre Professor of Mathematics Solomon Friedberg in an interview with Bay State Parent

Common Core Math Is Not Fuzzy

Common Core lays the foundation for students to have a better grasp of mathematical concepts than present standards and sets higher expectations for teaching and learning. If that doesn't sound fuzzy, there's a simple reason: It isn't, writes McIntyre Professor of Mathematics Solomon Friedberg in an op-ed for USA Today


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