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Congressional Publications: Home

Provides an overview of the various publications produced by Congress.

Publications at a Glance

Since 1789 the manner in which Congress has operated and the ways in which its various activities have been documented have evolved a great deal.

A few points to keep in mind:

The time period you are interested in and the types of publications you need will determine the format of the material you will be using (electronic, print, or fiche).

However, more and more material is available online, both in public and subscription databases.

Organization of the Guide

To the right is an overview of the most comprehensive full text sources of congressional information.

The tabs at the top of the page link to pages arranged by type of publication

Dates of coverage are detailed under the specific publication tabs.

Members of Congress

Public Government Databases


Subscription Databases

CIS Fiche Library

CIS Microfiche Library

  • Comprehensive coverage of congressional publications from 1985-2007 (Law has fiche holdings from 1970-present); also some historical material
  • ProQuest Congressional can be used as an index to the fiche holdings

Subject Guide

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