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Women's History


Women in Early Modern Latin America

This is a guide to gender history and women's history in scholarship and primary source collections at Boston College.

Women's Autobiographical Writing Before 1900

This page is focused on women and their autobiographic writing available through Boston College Libraries at O'Neill and Burns. Some of the texts are by women living in Latin America and others are authored by English speaking women writing about their travels in various Latin American countries. 

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O'Neill: Scholarship

Keep in mind that there is a significant amount of scholarship in O'Neill Library on women in colonial Latin America. Here are a few examples:

O'Neill: Diaries, Journals, and Memoirs in Translation (pre-1900)

O'Neill: Modern Memoirs, Autobiographies, and Diaries

O'Neill in Spanish and Portuguese

European Women in Latin America Before 1900

Burns Box


In our very own special collections library (Burns), you'll find a selection of material on your topic. Consider visiting the library and seeing history in your hands. To do so, you should start by searching for material through BC Libraries' catalog and then ordering it (if you haven't registered, you'll be prompted). For a guide on the process, check out the "Finding Burns Material" page.  You might also check out the following recommendations: 

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