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Theology and Ministry Library


Study Spaces

Homepage for the Theology and Ministry Library.

Study Rooms

The TML offers a Daily Use Carrels and Assigned Carrels. 

  • Daily Use Carrels are available to all students on a daily basis. Patrons using a Daily Use Carrel can leave the building with their carrel keys.
  • Assigned Carrels are available for a semester to CSTM and SJS students who are writing a dissertation. These carrels can only be used by the assigned students, and their usage is monitored. If the students do not reach a benchmark of usage, a new student will be assigned to that carrel. The assigned students must check their key in and out every time they enter and leave the building. Applications for carrel assignments are available at the Circulation Desk.


Storage lockers are located on the first floor next to the printers and vending machines, and are available for daily and semester-long use.  If you have interest in using one for the day or would like an application for an assigned locker, please ask at the Circulation Desk.