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Collection Development for Theology


Scope and Collecting Emphases

Boston College Libraries

Guide to the Theology Collections

The collection primarily serves the curricular and research needs of the Department of Theology, but also supports faculty and students in Philosophy and the undergraduate Core. There is overlap with the collections at the Theology and Ministry Library, but the focus here is on the needs of Arts and Sciences on the main campus.

Disciplinary Scope and Collecting Emphases

The collection is focused on the areas of specialization of the department: historical theology and history of Christianity, systematic theology, Biblical studies, theological ethics, and comparative theology. It has a strong emphasis on the Catholic and Jesuit traditions, but all areas of Christianity are in scope, as are Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other world religions.

Theology is traditionally referred to as the Queen of the Humanities, because its interests cover all forms of human expression. At BC the program has an even broader reach, into the social sciences and sciences.

The Theology collection is closely tied to programs in Philosophy and Classical Studies, and while it is distinct from that of the Theology and Ministry Library, there are significant areas of overlap. There is also significant overlap with programs in Asian Studies, Islamic Studies, and Jewish Studies. Theological ethics touches many programs, including Political Science and International Relations.