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Research Methods


Data Analysis & SPSS

BCSSW Research Methods/Program Evaluation course tutors

BCSSW SPSS Tutors are available to BCSSW students currently taking Research Methods SCWK 7747 or Program Evaluation SCWK8841

Check online schedule for availability!
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To schedule an appointment with a Tutor:

  • Visit the online booking system
  • Choose your session duration (30 minutes or 60 minutes)
  • Click on the available day/time that you want to request by moving your cursor over the calendar (Available times are specified on the right hand side panel)
  • Please provide all the requested information in order to process your appointment. Remember to always specify what you need help with when you schedule an appointment with a tutor (e.g., I need help with interpreting t-test results)
  • Be sure to choose the type of appointment : Individual (30 minutes) or Group (60 minutes)
  • Your tutor will contact you and let you know the meeting location
  • You will receive a summary of your appointments through email

Please note:
Appointments can be made up to 3 weeks in advance.
You can make/cancel/change your appointment up to one day in advance (24 hours). (If you have to cancel in less than 24 hours you MUST contact your tutor immediately.)

Tutoring hours
Wednesdays 6pm -9pm
Thursdays 9am - 7pm
Fridays 1pm - 5.30pm

Problems/Questions/ Feedback: Pooja Paul at

For issues related to the App server/Citrix: Please contact the Help Center by email ( or telephone (617-552-4357).


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This page includes a variety of resources for assisting you with SPSS.  The page includes links to class notes and lecture recordings from the UCLA Psychology program that are free to view.  These notes can help you perform a variety of tasks using SPSS software (such as entering data).  The main page also includes other helpful links, such as examples of data analysis and a guide to understanding which type of statistical test to use on various kinds of data sets.