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Refugee Portal


Refugee Portal

Informational posters placed inside the libraryFrom Friday, November 10th to Friday, November 17th, Boston College will be hosting the Refugee Portal, which is a gold shipping container that has been redesigned to serve as a videoconferencing studio that connects with similar portals in Iraq, Jordan and Berlin. The goal of this project is to allow small groups of people from the Boston College community to have meaningful conversations and interactions with small groups of Syrian and Iraqi refugees/IDPs. Though the discussions will touch on the migration experiences of the participants on both sides of the conversation, they will also relate to sports, music, culture, and other universal themes.

In advance of these conversations, participating members of the Boston College community will be asked to spend some time reviewing a small exhibition of related materials found in the lobby of O’Neill Library. These materials offer more context about refugee experiences around the world and provide an opportunity for participants to reflect prior to their conversations with refugees.

This exhibit is open to everyone who visits the library, so stop by anytime before November 17th if you want to learn more about the experiences of refugees around the world.

The Refugee Portal is sponsored by the Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life, in collaboration with the Harvard Divinity School, the American Academy of Religion, and Shared_Studios (with funding from the Henry Luce Foundation).