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Read Aloud Recommendations


Finding Additional Read Aloud Options

For additional read aloud options, visit our page on LibraryThing, where you can find books tagged with themes and recommended grade levels.

Searching LibraryThing

LibraryThing allows users to browse ERC read aloud options by theme and grade level. The home page displays our most recent additions, with our newest books appearing at the top of the page:

A screenshot of, a website showing four rows of colorful children's book covers.

To see more information about one of the books on the home page, simply click the cover:

A screenshot of a pop-up window showing a children's book, Brown is Beautiful. The book's colorful cover is displayed to the right, with textual information describing the book on the left.

To search for a particular title or author, use the search bar to the right that says "search this library":

A screenshot of the LibraryThing website. Children's book covers are arranged in rows to the bottom of the image. In the top right is a search box with the words "search this library" circled in red.

To find books tagged with a topic, theme, or grade level, click "Tags" in the toolbar:

A screenshot of Children's book covers are arranged in rows. At the top of the webpage is a toolbar. One of the buttons, Tags, is circled in red.

Tags are listed alphabetically. Click on a tag to see books with that particular label. Use the back button to return to the list of tags. 

Finding Books in the Catalog

Once you've found your perfect read aloud book through LibraryThing, you may want to check it out at the ERC. Use the search bar on the BC Libraries homepage to search for books by title. 

Enter the book's exact title in quotation marks and click "books":

A screenshot of A red search box sits in the middle of the page with the words "where the wild things are" written inside. The link for books is underlined.

Find your book on the list of results and click the title:

A screenshot of a results list from the library search. Several items are called "where the wild things are." The third, a book, is circled in red.


To find the book on ERC shelves, write down the book's call number and ask an ERC staff member to help you locate it:

A screenshot of a white webpage with information about the book, Where the Wild Things Are. Several lines of text appear, including one with the book's call number, PZPZ7 .S47 Wh 1991b, circled in red.


To have books retrieved from the ERC stacks and held for pick-up at any campus library, click "Sign In" and log into your library account just as you would log into the Agora portal:

A screenshot of the library catalog webpage. In a box called Find in Library, a gray bar is circled in red. The text in the bar reads: Request Items and Save Results, Sign In.

You should now see a link to "request book" -- click this and complete the brief form, making note of where you'd like to pick up your book. You'll receive an email when your book is ready. 


A screenshot of the library catalog website. A box called "find in library" is displayed. Two links at the top of the box read Request Book and Request Book Chapter. Request Book is circled in red.