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Handbooks, Data & Constants

A guide to the major print and online resources in physics.

Online Data Resources

Important (and Still Useful) Print Handbooks

AIP Physics Desk Reference, 3rd ed. E. Richard Cohen, David R. Lide, George L. Trigg, editors. Springer Verlag: New York, NY, 2003. (O'Neill Reference QC61 .P49 2003)
Key equations and data from all fields of physics. First edition was published under the widely-recognized title, "Physics Vade Mecum" (a ready-reference tool that one regularly carries with one).

Handbook of Physical Quantities. Grigoriev, I. and E.Z. Meilikhov, Eds. (Radzis, A.A., Ed. of the English Ed.) CRC Press: Boca Raton, FL, 1997. (O'Neill Reference QC 61 .H36 1997)
Numerical data and constants in virtually all areas of physics. Information is in tables or charts, generally.
Handbook of Physics. Benenson, Walter, et al. Springer: New York, NY, 2001. (O'Neill Reference QC 61 .H37 2001)
Factual and practical information in all areas of physics. 

Guides to Data Resources