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Since 2014, the Boston College Open Access Fund has awarded over $120,000 to BC faculty and researchers, enabling the publication of 84 Open Access articles. The Libraries are grateful to the Provost's Office for its support, and to the awardees, listed below with full access to their publications, for believing in the necessity of making scholarship available widely and freely to all online.

Please note, the awardees below are arranged by Fiscal Year, which begins annually on June 1 - as that is when the Publishing Fund opens for applications each year.


Awardee Name ORCID favicon  ORCID Department Co-Authors Journal Article Title Direct Object Identifiers (DOI)
Katherine McAuliffe 0000-0002-4230-0250 Psychology & Neuroscience

Melisa Kumar 

Shaina Coogan

Yarrow Dunham (Yale; 0000-0002-4265-4438)


Reward type influences adults’ rejections of inequality in a task designed for children 10.1371/journal.pone.0272710
Ashley Duggan 0000-0003-0263-9505 Communication

Andrea Vicini, SJ: 0000-0001-5959-8308 

Monica O'Reilly-Jacob 0000-0003-2639-8558

Mary Zgurznyski 

BMC Primary Care Indicators of the dimensions of trust


Katherine McAuliffe 0000-0002-4230-0250 Psychology & Neuroscience

Melisa Kumar 

Shaina Coogan

Yarrow Dunham (Yale; 0000-0002-4265-4438)

Collabra "Do children expect boys and girls to be rewarded differently for doing the same work?" 10.1525/collabra.74790
Ashley Houston 0000-0001-5121-762X Psychology

Alisa Lincoln 0000-0003-0305-1180

Carmel Salhi 0000-0002-7465-458X

Journal of Migration and Health Messaging Sanctuary with Consequence 10.1016/j.jmh.2023.100199
Kristen Bottema-Beutel 0000-0002-0009-9464 Teaching, Curriculum, and Society

Noah Sasson University of Texas- Dallas, Monique Botha: 0000-0002-5935-9654

University of Stirling, Steven Kapp: 0000-0002-4440-1688

University of Portsmouth; Morton Ann Gernsbacher: 0000-0003-0397-3329

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Heini Natri: 0000-0003-4698-6103 The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen)

Frontiers of Psychiatry Anti-ableism and Scientific Accuracy in Autism Research: A False Dichotomy 10.3389/fpsyt.2023.1244451
Cal Halvorsen 0000-0002-9184-633X Social Work

Seoyoun Kim


Sea Hwang Han 


Innovation in Aging Volunteering and Changes in Cardiovascular Biomarkers: Longitudinal Evidence From the Health and Retirement Study 10.1093/geroni/igad048
Tara Casebolt 0000-0002-1822-5975 Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Kavita Singh Ongechi, UNC, 0000-0001-8670-2262

Ilene Speizer, UNC, 0000-0001-6204-1316

Carolyn Halpern, UNC, 0000-0003-4278-5646

Maternal Health, Neonatology and Perinatology Maternal Healthcare Use by Women with Disabilities in Rajasthan, India: A Secondary Analysis of the Annual Health Survey


Bryan Ranger 0000-0002-4774-3587 Engineering

Kashish Shah (Ahmedabad University, India),

Dhaval Patel (Ahmedabad University, India),

Minesh Thaker (Indus University, India),

Harsh Patel (Ahmedabad University)

Manob Saikia (University of North Florida)

IEEE Access EMED-UNet: An Efficient Multi-Encoder-Decoder based UNet for Medical Image Segmentation 10.1109/ACCESS.2023.3309158
Andrew Dwyer  0000-0002-7023-6794 Connell School of Nursing

Isabella McDonald (BC Graduate student),

Elizabeth Weyman (BC Graduate Student),

Elizabeth blocker (BC Graduate student)

Healthcare What are the best practices for co-creating patient-facing educational materials? A scoping review of the literature 10.3390/healthcare11192615
Erika Sabbath 0000-0002-7866-7812 School of Social Work

Samantha McKetchnie, BCSSW (0000-0001-8004-4430)

Mara Buchbinder, UNC-Chapel Hill (0000-0002-2319-662X

Kavita Arora, UNC-Chapel Hill (0000-0002-9912-9466)

JAMA Network Open Impacts of post-Dobbs state abortion bans 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2023.52109
David Kurz 0000-0001-6005-4420 Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Arthur D. Middleton, UC Berkeley, 0000-0003-3887-0434

Melissa Chapman, UC Santa Barbara, 0000-0002-1377-1539

Bruce R. Huber, Notre Dame
Alex McInturff, University of Washington, 0000-0002-4858-1292

Jeremy Sorgen, UC Berkeley, 0000-0002-8313-421X

Kyle S. Van Houtan, Duke University, 0000-0001-5725-1773

Christine E. Wilkinson, UC Berkeley, 0000-0001-5462-0086

Lauren Withey, Earthjustice, 0000-0003-3618-5812

Justin S. Brashares, UC Berkeley, 0000-0002-3973-5632

Frontiers in Conservation Science

Including Rural America in academic conservation science

Ishmael Fofana 0000-0001-6384-2836 Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences Joseph Vecchio1‡, James Regan2‡, Yuting Jiang1, Roy Li1, Hannah Romain1, Fizah Yousuf1, Thomas Adel1, Kevin Hall1, Jeffrey M. DaCosta1, Xu Yu3, Jonathan Z. Li2* and Ismael Ben Fofana1*

1: Biology Department, Boston College, 140 Commonwealth Avenue, Chestnut Hill, MA
2: Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA.
3: Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA, USA
Scientific Reports Viral and immunologic evaluation of smokers 10.1038/s41598-023-45195-z
Emrah Altindis 0000-0001-9657-7602 Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Martina Chrudinova, Nicholas S. Kirk, Aurelien Chuard, Hari Venugopal, Fa Zhang, Marta Lubos, Vasily Gelfanov, Terezie Panikova, Kenka Zakova, Julianne Cutone, Matthew Mojares, Richard DiMarchi, Jiri Jiracek, Emrah Altindis

Molecular Metabolism A Viral Insulin-like Peptide Inhibits IGF-1 Receptor 10.1016/j.molmet.2023.101863
Naoka Carey 0000-0003-1618-9445 Lynch School of Education

Linday Lanteri 0000-0002-2923-7082

Summer Sherburne Hawkins 0000-0002-1099-362X

Drug and Alcohol Dependence Reports Landscape of State Tobacco Twenty-one Laws: Key Components, Research Challenges, and Future Directions 10.1016/j.dadr.2024.100236
Tara Pisani Gareau 0000-0003-0590-2997 Earth and Environmental Sciences and Environmental Studies

Brian Gareau, 0000-0002-0529-3389

Lijing Gau

PLoS Climate The enduring nature of cranberry production in a changing climate: The interplay of extreme weather, knowledge networks, and adaptation 10.1371/journal.pclm.0000350
Awardee Name ORCID favicon  ORCID                   Dep artment Co-Authors Journal Article Title Direct Object Identifiers (DOI)
Laura Bond 0000-0001-8639-7907 Social Work

Dr. Erik Simmons (BC)

Dr. Erika Sabbath (BC)

Social Science and Medicine - Mental Health Fidelity Measurement and Assessment in Non-Specialist-Delivered, Evidence-Based Behavioral and Mental Health Interventions: A Systematic Review. 10.1016/j.ssmph.2022.101249
Ryan Thombs 0000-0002-8823-6143 Sociology   Socius A Guide to Analyzing Large N, Large T Panel Data 10.1177/23780231221117645
Summer Hawkins 0000-0002-1099-362X Social Work

Kit Baum 

Phil Landrigan

Hailee Schuele 

Preventive Medicine Reports Impact of proximity to gas production activity on birth outcomes across the US 10.1016/j.pmedr.2022.102007
Maria Pineros-Leano 0000-0001-7057-8316 Social Work

Nancy Jacquelyn Pérez-Flores - Doctoral student Washington University at St. Louis

Kelli Rodrigues - Boston College undergraduate alumni

Gabi Ortiz - Boston College Doctoral student

Shannon D. Simonovich - Assistant Professor DePaul University

Frontiers in Public Health Mental health disparities in Latinx immigrant communities residing in the United States during COVID-19: Implications for Policy and Practice 10.3389/fpubh.2022.1000233
Thomas Crea 0000-0002-8092-7353 Global Practice   Conflict & Health Inclusive education in a refugee camp for children with disabilities: How are school setting and children’s behavioral functioning related? 10.1186/s13031-022-00486-6
Heather Olins 0000-0002-9176-3569 Biology   Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education (JMBE) Weekly Flow: An Effective Organizational Tool for Structuring Biology Courses and Supporting Student Learning 10.1128/jmbe.00108-22
Ashley Duggan 0000-0003-0263-9505 Communication

Andrea Vicini, SJ

Monica O'Reilly-Jacob

Mary Zgurznyski (undergrad student graduated 2021)

BMC Primary Care Indicators of the dimensions of trust (and mistrust) in early primary care practice: A qualitative study 10.21203/
Aashna Khurana 0000-0001-5857-5155 Teaching, Curriculum, and Society   Frontiers in education Converting physical spaces into learning spaces: Integrating universal design and universal design for learning 10.3389/feduc.2022.965818
Wen Fan 0000-0001-6124-8331 Sociology

Mina Ghaly

Joseph Nano

International Journal of Public Health Lessons from Early COVID-19: Associations with Undergraduate Students’ Academic Performance, Social Life, and Mental Health in the United States 10.3389/ijph.2022.1604806
Katherine McAuliffe 0000-0002-4230-0250 Psychology & Neuroscience

Felix Warneken (0000-0002-4799-2559)

Natalie Benjamin

PLOS ONE Reward type influences adults' rejections of inequality in a task designed for children 10.1371/journal.pone.0272710


Awardee Name ORCID favicon  ORCID Department Co-authors Journal Article Title Direct Object Idenfifier (DOI)
Belle Liang 0000-0002-0005-4856 CDEP Brenna Lincoln, Timothy Klein, Allison White (MGH Boston), Nancy Hill (Harvard University), and John Perella (Revere High School) Frontiers in Psychology MPOWER: The Impact of a Purpose Program on Adolescents’ Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations 10.3389/fpsyg.2021.761580
Gene Heyman 0000-0003-4484-0370 Psychology and Neuroscience   Frontiers Personality and its partisan political correlates predict U.S. State Covid-19 protocols and mask wearing 10.3389/fpsyg.2021.729774
Katherine McAuliffe


Psychology and Neuroscience  


A comparative test of inequity aversion in domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) and dingoes (Canis dingo)


Haley Grieco-Page 0000-0002-8738-7409 Pyschology Candace J. Black, Jenna M. Berent, Bhuwan Gautam, (Bhutanese Society of Western Massachusetts) Theresa S. Betancourt Frontiers Psychiatry, Public Mental Health Beyond the Pandemic: Leveraging Rapid Expansions in U.S. Telemental Health and Digital Platforms to Address Disparities and Resolve the Digital Divide 10.3389/fpsyt.2021.671502
Kelsey Werner 0000-0002-8971-6288 School of Social Work Thomas Crea, BCSSW, and Gregory St. Arnold, FUSE Corps Conflict and Health Using a community-based system dynamics approach for understanding inclusion and wellbeing: A case study of special needs education in an Eastern African refugee camp 10.1186/s13031-021-00390-5
Andrew Dwyer 0000-0002-7023-6794 Nursing Hongjie Shen (BC - Lynch School), Ziwei Zeng (BC - Lynch School), Matt Gregas (BC - Research Services), Min Zhao (BC - Carrol School of Management) Genes Framing effects on decision-making for diagnostic genetic testing: Results from a randomized trial 10.3390/genes12060941
Elizabeth Sanderman


Nursing Paul Ward-Flinders University, Adelaide AU; Anthony Hooker-University of Adelaide, AU BMC Public Health [Forthcoming]  
Kumar Praveen 0000-0002-2477-7856 Social Work

Meredith Powers (Assistant Professor), UNC Greensboro

Michaela Rinkel (Associate Professor) Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

MDPI Co-creating a “Sustainable New Normal” for Social Work and Beyond: Embracing an Ecosocial Worldview 10.3390/su131910941
Raquel Muniz Castro 0000-0002-9052-3969 Educational Leadership and Higher Education   SAGE Education Law and Policy in the Time of COVID-19: Using a Legal Framework to Expose Educational Inequity 10.1177/23328584211054107
Jeffrey DaCosta 0000-0002-8590-2083 Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences: Biology Michael Sorenson (Boston University) Frontiers Media Variation in the non-mimetic vocalizations of brood-parasitic indigobirds and their potential role in speciation 10.3389/fevo.2021.725979
Jieun Lee 0000-0002-1873-1712 Lynch School of Education: Teaching, Curriculum, and Society Dr. Lillie Albert (Faculty at Lynch school) Global Talent Academy Press Students’ Personality and Susceptibility to Persuasion During Mathematics Groupwork: An Exploratory Study 10.46809/jpse.v2i6.35
Ella Anghel 0000-0001-6332-7826

Lynch School of Education - MESA

Larry Ludlow (BC), Olivia Szendey (BC), Christina Matz-Costa (BC), Therese O'Keefe (BC), Henry Braun (BC) Eurasian Society of Educational Research Measuring Purpose in Life in College Students: An Assessment of Invariance Properties by College Year and Undergraduate School 10.12973/ijem.7.4.603
Ana Martinez-Aleman 0000-0003-0016-0912 Educational Leadership & Higher Education

Heather Rowan-Kenyon, LSEHD

Nicole Barone, PhD student, LSEHD

Sage Open Cultural Mistrust 10.1177/21582440211056625
Cara Antonaccio 0000-0003-0248-8735 School of Social Work: Doctoral Program

Phuong Pham and Patrick Vinck (Harvard),

Katharine Collet (Kings College London),

Robert T. Brennan, Theresa S. Betancourt

Biomed Central Fear, Distress, and Perceived Risk Shape Stigma Toward Ebola Survivors: A Prospective Longitudinal Study 10.1186/s12889-021-12146-0
Ryan Bottary 0000-0003-4495-5354 Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences: Psychology and Neuroscience Tony J. Cunningham (Boston College); Dan Denis (University of Notre Dame); Shengzi Zeng (University of Hong Kong); Carolina Daffre, Kaitlyn L. Oliver, Kylie Moore, Samuel Gazecki, Augustus Kram Mendelsohn, Uriel Martinez, Karen Gannon, Natasha B. Lasko, Edward F. Pace-Schott (Massachusetts General Hospital) Frontiers Sleep Power Spectral Density and Spindles in PTSD and their Relationship to Symptom Severity 10.3389/fpsyt.2021.766647
Tom Seyfried 0000-0003-1491-3989 Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences: Biology Christos Chinopoulos, Semmelweis University, 1094 Budapest, Hungary MDPI Can the Mitochondrial Metabolic Theory Explain Better the Origin and Management of Cancer than Can the Somatic Mutation Theory? 10.3390/metabo11090572
Marisa Lally 0000-0002-7713-7676 Lynch School of Education: Higher Education   Education Sciences Understanding the experiences of Fulbright visiting scholars - a qualitative systematic review 10.3390/educsci12020090
Britt Pados 0000-0002-8016-2370 Connell School of Nursing Rebecca Hill (PhD student at BC, just graduated in 2021), Susan Kelly-Weeder (faculty - CSON), Karen Lyons (faculty - CSON) Sage Effect of frenotomy on maternal breastfeeding symptoms and the relationship between maternal symptoms and problematic infant feeding 10.1177/2333794X211072835
Daniel Kirschner 0000-0003-3498-1452 Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences: Biology Anne BAUMANN, (formerly, Research Scholar at BC, 2018), currently Department of Biomedicine, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway; Andrew R. DENNINGER (BC Ph.D., 2016) currently Epizyme Inc., Cambridge, MA; Marek DOMIN (Chem Dept, BC), Bruno DEME, Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble, France Current Research in Structural Biology Metabolically-Incorporated Deuterium in Myelin Localized by Neutron Diffraction and Identified by Mass Spectrometry 10.1016/j.crstbi.2022.06.003
Brian Gareau 0000-0002-0529-3389 Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences: Sociology Sandra DiDonato (BC Sociology PhD Student) PLOS Be(e)coming pollinators: beekeeping and perceptions of environmentalism in Massachusetts


Bryan Ranger 0000-0002-4774-3587 Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences: Engineering Kevin Moerman (National University of Ireland - Galway), Micha Feigin (MIT), Hugh Herr (MIT), Brian Anthony (MIT) PLOS [Forthcoming]  
Cal Halvorsen 0000-0002-9184-633X School of Social Work Eunice Lin Nichols ( and Janet Oh ( MDPI [Forthcoming]  
Babek Momeni 0000-0003-1271-5196 Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences Marco Zaccaria, Natalie Sandlin, and Yoav Soen (Weizmann Institute of Science) Biology Partner-assisted artificial selection of a secondary function for efficient bioremediation 10.1101/2022.05.12.491680
Natalie Grafft 0000-0001-6388-8922 School of Social Work Andrew Dwyer, PhD; Maria Pineros-Leano, PhD Social Work Latinx individuals’ knowledge of, preferences for, and experiences with prenatal genetic testing: a scoping review 10.1186/s12978-022-01438-2
Laura Bond 0000-0001-8639-7907 School of Social Work Elizabeth Klein (BC), Farhad Sharifi (BC), Dr. Qais Alemi (Loma Linda University) Social Work Literacy, Women’s Empowerment, and the Moderating Effect of Early Marriage in Afghanistan: Findings from the 2015 Afghanistan Demographic and Health Survey 10.21203/


Awardee Name ORCID favicon  ORCID Department Co-authors Journal Article Title
Khyati Girdhar 0000-0002-2293-1864 Biology Khyati Girdhar, Qian Huang, I-Ting Chow, Claudia Brady, Amol Raisingani, Danmeng Li, David A. Ostrov, Mark A. Atkinson, William W. Kwok, C. Ronald Kahn, Emrah Altindis Diabetes 938-P: A Human Gut Commensal, Parabacteroides Distasonis, Enhances Type 1 Diabetes Autoimmunity via Molecular Mimicry
Martina Chrudinova 0000-0003-2998-9476 Biology Emrah Altindis (PI), Jeffrey DaCosta, Dogus Dogru, Ruixu Huang, Robert Reiners, Pierre DeMeyts (non-BC, retired) eLife [Forthcoming]
Andrew Jorgenson 0000-0002-5902-3704 Sociology Orla Kelly, Ryan Thombs Socius

The Unsustainable State: Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Inequality, and Human Well-Being in the United States, 1913 to 2017

Thomas Seyfried 0000-0003-1491-3989 Biology   Frontiers in Nutrition Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy, Without Chemo or Radiation, for the Long-Term Management of IDH1-mutant Glioblastoma: A 78-Month Follow-Up
Erika Sabbath 0000-0002-7866-7812 Social Work Dale Maglalang (BC), Shanta Panday (BC), Carina Katigbak (BC), Dean Hashimoto (BC), David Takeuchi (U Washington), Karen Hopcia (Mass General Brigham), Maria Lopez Gomez (Memorial University Canada), Glorian Sorensen (Dana Farber) SSM Population Health Job and Family Demands and Burnout Among Healthcare Workers: The Moderating Role of Workplace Flexibility
Maureen Ritchey 0000-0002-5957-3642 Psychology & Neuroscience Rose Cooper (BC), Kyle Kurkela (BC), Simon Davis (Duke) NeuroImage Mapping the organization and dynamics of the posterior medial network during movie watching
Scott Slotnick 0000-0003-2948-6174 Psychology and Neuroscience

Dylan Spets (BC), Jessica Karanian (BC)

Frontiers in Psychology [Forthcoming]
Betty Lai 0000-0003-4701-2706 Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology Kate Guastaferro (Penn State), Melissa C. Osborne (Georgia State); Samantha S. Aubé (Boston College), Wendy P. Guastaferro (Florida Atlantic University), Daniel J. Whitaker (Gerogia State). Frontiers in Psychiatry Parent and child reports of parenting behaviors: Agreement among a longitudinal study of drug court participants
Gorica Petrovich 0000-0002-7008-3003 Psychology & Neuroscience   Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience The Function of Paraventricular Thalamic Circuitry in the Adaptive Control of Feeding Behavior

Sarah Neville

0000-0002-6592-1818 Social Work Tom Crea (BC), Indrani Saran (BC) BMC Public Health Parental Care Status and Sexual Risk Behavior in Five Nationally-Representative Surveys of Sub-Saharan African Nations
Brian Gareau 0000-0002-0529-3389 Sociology Sandra DiDonato Ecology and Society [Forthcoming]
Maria Pineros-Leano 0000-0001-7057-8316 Social Work Jaclyn A. Saltzman & Janet M. Liechty- University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Salma Musaad - Baylor College of Medicine
Liliana Aguayo - Emory University
Children Maternal Depressive Symptoms and Their Association with Breastfeeding and Child Weight Outcomes
Jeremy Shakun 0000-0002-9985-5732 Earth and Environmental Sciences Nicole Biller-Celander (Boston College)
Jeremy D. Shakun (Boston College)
David McGee (MIT)
Corinne I. Wong (Boston College)
Alberto V. Reyes (University of Alberta)
Ben Hardt (MIT)
Irit Tal (MIT)
Derek C. Ford (McMaster University)
Bernard Lauriol (University of Ottawa)
Science Advances Increasing Pleistocene permafrost persistence and carbon cycle conundrums inferred from Canadian speleothems
Elizabeth Kensinger 0000-0003-1940-231X Psychology & Neuroscience Eric Fields (BC & Brandeis), Tony Cunningham (BC & BIDMC) Scientific Data Boston College daily sleep and well-being survey data during early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic

Kristen Bottema-Beutel

0000-0002-0009-9464 Teaching, Curriculum, and Society Shannon Crowley Frontiers in Psychology Pervasive Undisclosed Conflicts of Interest in Applied Behavior Analysis Autism Literature

Sandra Dedrick

0000-0001-6793-3807 Biology M. Javad Akbari, Samantha Dyckman, Nannan Zhao (Channing Division of Network Medicine, BWH, Boston, MA), Yang-Yu Liu (Channing Division of Network Medicine, BWH, Boston, MA) and Babak Momeni Frontiers in Microbiology Impact of Temporal pH Fluctuations on the Coexistence of Nasal Bacteria in an in silico Community
Babak Momeni 0000-0003-1271-5196 Biology Helen Kurkjian (Postdoctoral Researcher, Boston College), M. Javad Akbari (Graduate Student, Boston College) PLOS Computational Biology The impact of interactions on invasion and colonization resistance in microbial communities
Lisa Unangst 0000-0002-6478-9333 Educational Leadership and Higher Education Ana M. Martínez Alemán Social Inclusion Coloniality in the German Higher Education System: Implications for Policy and Institutional Practice
Britt Pados 0000-0002-8016-2370 School of Nursing Rebecca R Hill (BC); Joy T Yamasaki (BC Alumni; conducted the work as an undergraduate); Jonathan S Litt (Boston Children's Hospital/Beth Israel Deaconess/Harvard University); Christopher S Lee (BC) BMC Pediatrics Prevalence of problematic feeding in young children born prematurely: A meta-analysis
Melisa Kumar 0000-0003-3471-8486 Psychology and Neuroscience Lily Tsoi, Princeton; Michelle Seungmi Lee, Tufts University; Jeremy Cone, Williams College; Katherine McAuliffe, Boston College.
PLOS ONE Nationality dominates gender in decision-making in the Dictator and Prisoner’s Dilemma Games
Matthew Katz 0000-0003-1277-6386 Finance Sethu Odayappan & Justin Miller Inquiries Journal Democratic Misrepresentation: A Quantitative Analysis of Out of District State Campaign Fundraising
Ana Campos 0000-0002-2378-7681 Maternal and Child Health Dr. Summer S. Hawkins (Boston College School of Social Work) and Dr. Mireya Vilar-Compte (Iberoamericana University, Mexico City) Annals of Global Health Association between breastfeeding and child stunting in Mexico
Victor Petreca 0000-0003-1080-2632 Nursing Ann Burgess (Boston College), Molly Tidrick (Boston College), Gary Brucato (Columbia University), Michael Stone (Columbia University) Forensic Science International: Mind and Law

The insanity defense in cases of homicide involving post-mortem dismemberment

Ryan Bottary 0000-0003-4495-5354


Elizabeth Kensinger (Boston College), Tony Cunningham (BC and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center), Eric Fields (BC and Brandeis), Jess Payne (Notre Dame), Sarah Kark (University of California Irvine), Craig Rodriguez-Seijas (Michigan), Michael Goldstein (BIDMC) Frontiers in Psychiatry Comparing the impact of COVID-19-related social distancing on mood and psychiatric indicators in sexual and gender minority (SGM) and non-SGM populations
Jacob Beckerman 0000-0002-3818-3856 Social Work Cristina Gago, Alyssa Aftosmes-Tobio, Janine M. Jurkowski (University at Albany School of Public Health); Kindra Lansburg, Jessie Leonard (Community Action Agency of Somerville); Merieka Torrico (Action for Boston Community Development); Sebastien Haneuse, SV Subramanian, Erica L. Kenney (Harvard); Kirsten K. Davison (Boston College) Implementation Science Communications Acceptability and Appropriateness of a Novel Parent-Staff Co-Leadership Model for Childhood Obesity Prevention in Head Start: A Qualitative Interview Study
Althea Desrosiers 0000-0003-2392-0371 Global Practice in the School of Social Work Rebecca Esliker, (University of Makeni, Sierra Leone); Musu Jambai, (Caritas Freetown, Sierra Leone); Theresa Betancourt, (Boston College School of Social Work) BMC Public Health mHealth Tools to Improve Service Delivery Quality of an Evidence-based Family Home Visiting Intervention for High Risk Families in Sierra Leone: Study Protocol
Andrew Jorgenson 0000-0002-5902-3704 Sociology Ryan Thombs, Xiaorui Huang (Boston College); Orla Kelly (University College Dublin); Jared Fitzgerald (Oklahoma State); Brett Clark (University of Utah); Jennifer Givens (Utah State University); Terrence Hill (University of Texas at San Antonio) The Lancet Planetary Health Inequality Amplifies the Harmful Association Between Life Expectancy and Air Pollution
Sharlene Hesse-Biber 0000-0002-2169-1993 Sociology   Cancers Parent of origin effects on family communication of risk in BRCA+ women: A qualitative investigation of human factors in cascade screening
Rebecca Hill 0000-0002-5505-508X Nursing Britt F. Pados & Jinhee Park (Connell School of Nursing, Boston College) Global Pediatric Health Bottle-feeding challenges in preterm-born infants in the first 7 months of life
Elizabeth Sanderman 0000-0001-8895-0972 Women's Health   Nutrition Journal

IVF, acupuncture and mental health: a qualitative study of perceptions and experiences of women participating in a randomized controlled trial of acupuncture during IVF treatment


John Christianson 0000-0003-2299-4790 Psychology & Neuroscience Nicholas Worley; Steven Everett; Allison R Foilb; John J.P.Christianson Neurobiology of Stress Functional networks activated by controllable and uncontrollable stress in male and female rats
John Makransky 0000-0002-0516-5643 Theology Paul Condon (Southern Oregon University) Frontiers in Psychology Pre-Print


Awardee Name ORCID favicon  ORCID Department Co-Authors Journal Article Title
Scott Easton 0000-0003-0271-1781 Mental Health

Najwa Safadi (Al-Quds University); Leila Dal Santo (Boston College)

British Journal of Social Work Factors Related to Organisational Commitment amongst Social Workers in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
John Ebel 0000-0003-1064-0629 Earth and Environmental Sciences

Robert Jacobi (University of Buffalo)

Lithosphere Seismotectonic implications of the Berne earthquake swarms west-southwest of Albany, New York
Nadia Abuelezam 0000-0002-5459-8592 Nursing

Abdulrahman M. El-Sayed (University of Michigan Medical School); Sandro Galea (Boston University)

BMC Public Health Differences in health behaviors and health outcomes among non-Hispanic Whites and Arab Americans in a population-based survey in California
Andrew Dwyer 0000-0002-7023-6794 Nursing

Neil Smith (HYPOHH); Richard Quinton (University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

Frontiers in Endocrinology Psychological Aspects of Congenital Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism
Britt Pados 0000-0002-8016-2370 Nursing

Suzanne Thoyre (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill); Kara Galer (Boston College)

Maternal Health, Neonatology and Perinatology Neonatal Eating Assessment Tool - Mixed Breastfeeding and Bottle-Feeding (NeoEAT - Mixed Feeding): factor analysis and psychometric properties
Liane Young 0000-0001-5178-1853 Psychology

James Dungan (University of Chicago)

Social Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience

Asking ‘why?’ enhances theory of mind when evaluating harm but not purity violations
Matthew DelSesto 0000-0002-7510-9874 Sociology   Plants, People, Planet People–plant interactions and the ecological self
Holly Fontenot 0000-0002-7864-9171 Nursing Nadia Abuelezam (Boston College); Gregory Zimet (Indiana University); Joshua Rosenberger (Penn State); David Novak (DSN Consulting); Kenneth Mayer (The Fenway Institute) Journal of Medical Internet Research The Impact of Advertisement Messaging on Enrollment of Young Men Who Have Sex With Men for Web-Based Research: Observational Study
Mahsa Ershadi 0000-0002-7660-6442 Psychology

Alexandra Allam (St. John's University)

PLOS ONE [Forthcoming]
Jared Fitzgerald 0000-0003-1755-6323 Sociology   Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World Equifinality and Pathways to Environmental Concern: A Fuzzy-Set Analysis
Shanta Pandey 0000-0001-9461-5118 Social Work Vincent Fusaro (Boston College) BMC Public Health Food insecurity among women of reproductive age in Nepal: prevalence and correlates
Kyle Carr 0000-0002-7517-1918 Sociology   Social Science & Medicine (SSM): Population Health A cohort longitudinal study of individual level social capital and depressive symptoms in the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study
Jonathan Krones 0000-0003-3215-834X Earth and Environmental Sciences Tamar Makov (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev); Alon Shepon (Harvard University); Clare Gupta (University of California Davis); Marian Chertow (Yale University) Nature Communications Social and environmental analysis of food waste abatement via the peer-to-peer sharing economy
Min Song 0000-0003-4416-7788 English   Monograph published by Duke University Press [Forthcoming]
Jinhee Park 0000-0002-1221-7325 Nursing Luke D'Imperio (Boston College); Aaron Rose (Boston College); Elaina Parillo (Boston College); Suzanne Thoyre (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill); Michael J. Naughton (Boston College) BMC Pilot and Feasibility Studies Preliminary Validation of Infant Sucking Measurement System with Healthy Term Infants
Scott Slotnick 0000-0003-2948-6174 Psychology and Neuroscience Dylan S. Spets (Boston College) Brain Sciences Different patterns of cortical activity in females and males during spatial long-term memory
Elizabeth Kensinger 0000-0003-1940-231X Psychology and Neuroscience Ryan Daley (Boston College); Holly Bowen (Southern Methodist University); Eric Fields (Boston College); Angela Gutchess (Brandeis University) Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (SCAN) Neural mechanisms supporting emotional and self-referential information processing and encoding in older and younger adults
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Allyssa L. Harris


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American Journal of Men's Health

Father 2 Son: The Impact of African American Father–Son Sexual Communication on African American Adolescent Sons’ Sexual Behaviors

Nadia Chernyak



Teresa Harvey (Boston University); Amanda Tarullo (Boston University); Peter Rockers (Boston University); Peter Blake (Boston University)

Frontiers in Psychology

Varieties of Young Children’s Prosocial Behavior in Zambia: The Role of Cognitive Ability, Wealth, and Inequality Beliefs
Joshua Greene   Mathematics Jonah Gaster (McGill University); Nicholas G. Vlamis (Queens College of CUNY)

Forum of Mathematics, Sigma

Coloring Curves on Surfaces

Shanta Pandey


Social Work



Women’s knowledge about the conditional cash incentive program and its association with institutional delivery in Nepal

Kristen Bottema-Beutel


Education; Teacher Education, Special Education, and Curriculum Instruction

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Molecular Autism

Friendship Expectations May be Similar for Mental Age-Matched Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Typically Developing Children

Ellen Winner

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Sight-over-sound judgments of music performances are replicable effects with limited interpretability

Nadia Abuelezam


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Frontiers in Public Health: Public Mental Health

The Health of Arab Americans in the United States: An Updated Comprehensive Literature Review

Brian Gareau


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Social and ecological conditions of cranberry production and climate change attitudes in New England

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Ohio LEED Schools and Academic Performance: A Panel Study, 2006–2016

Christopher Kenaley



Alexandra Stote (University of Washington), Will Ludt (Smithsonian Institution), Prosanta Chakrabarty (Louisiana  State University)

Integrative and Organismal Biology

Comparative Functional and Phylogenomic Analyses of Host Association in the Remoras (Echeneidae), a Family of Hitchhiking Fishes

Eric Folker

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Brian Gareau


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Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development

Roots of Resistance and Resilience: Agroecology Tactics for Resettlement

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Journal of Physics Communications

Viscosity bound violation in viscoelastic Fermi liquids

Cal Halvorsen


Social Work

Yu-Chih Chen (Washington University in St. Louis)


The diversity of interest in later-life entrepreneurship: Results from a nationally representative survey of Americans aged 50 to 70

David Burgess


Biology Johnathan Meaders (Boston College); Charles Shuster (New Mexico State University)

Cell Reports

A Pushing Mechanism for Microtubule Aster Positioning in Large Cells

Thomas Crea


Social Work; Global Practice

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Katherine McAuliffe



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Joshua Hartshorne


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Collabra: Psychology

The Meta-Science of Adult Statistical Word Segmentation: Part 1

James Mahalik


Education; Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology

Faedra Dagirmanjian (Pace University)

American Journal of Men's Health

Working-Class Men’s Constructions of Help-Seeking When Feeling Depressed or Sad

Liane Young


Psychology Brendan Gaesser (SUNY Albany); Josh Hirschfeld-Kroen (Boston College); Emily Wasserman (Boston College); Mary Horn (Boston College)

Social Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience

A role for the medial temporal lobe subsystem in guiding prosociality: the effect of episodic processes on willingness to help others

Babak Momeni



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Nature Communications

Microbial coexistence through chemical-mediated interactions
Thomas Seyfried 0000-0003-1491-3989


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Awardee Name ORCID favicon  ORCID Department Co-Authors Journal Article Title

Summer Hawkins

0000-0002-1099-362X Social Work

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BMC Public Health

Impact of tobacco control policies on adolescent smokeless tobacco and cigar use: a difference-in-differences approach

Gorica Petrovich


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Scientific Reports

Ventromedial prefrontal cortex mediates sex differences in persistent cognitive drive for food

Andrew Jorgenson

0000-0002-5902-3704 Sociology

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Sociological Science

Pathways to Carbon Pollution: The Interactive Effects of Global, Political, and Organizational Factors on Power Plants’ CO2 Emissions

Ismael Fofana


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Frontiers in Immunology: Section B Cell Biology

Coupling of Single Molecule, Long Read Sequencing with IMGT/HighV-QUEST Analysis Expedites Identification of SIV gp140-Specific Antibodies from scFv Phage Display Libraries

Jillian Hogan

0000-0003-4323-6614 Psychology

Kara Murdock (Boston College); Morgan Hamill (Northeastern University); Anastasia Lanzara (University of Bath); Ellen Winner (Boston College)

Frontiers in Psychology

Looking at the Process: Examining Creative and Artistic Thinking in Fashion Designers on a Reality Television Show

Gautam Yadama

0000-0002-5907-1132 Social Work

Nishesh Chalise (Augsburg University); Praveen Kumar (Boston College); Pratiti Priyadarshini (Foundation for Ecological Security, Udaipur, India)

Environmental Research Letters

Dynamics of sustained use and abandonment of clean cooking systems: lessons from rural India

Thomas Seyfried

0000-0003-1491-3989 Biology

Ahmed M.A. Elsakka (University of Alexandria); Mohamed Abdel Bary (University of Alexandria); Eman Abdelzaher (University of Alexandria); Mostafa Elnaggar (University of Alexandria); Miriam Kalamian (Dietary Therapies LLC); Purna Mukherjee (Boston College)

Frontiers in Nutrition

Management of Glioblastoma Multiforme in a Patient Treated With Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy and Modified Standard of Care: A 24-Month Follow-Up

Xiaorui Huang

0000-0002-3823-0253 Sociology

Andrew Jorgenson (Boston College)

Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World

The Asymmetrical Effects of Economic Development on Consumption-based and Production-based Carbon Dioxide Emissions, 1990 to 2014

Madelyn Ray

0000-0002-6692-7090 Psychology

Emma Hanlon (Boston College); Michael A. McDannald (Boston College)


Lateral orbitofrontal cortex partitions mechanisms for fear regulation and alcohol consumption
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Scott Easton

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Awardee Name ORCID favicon  ORCID Department Co-Authors Journal Article Title

James Dungan

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Andrew Jorgenson

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Andrea Kirmaier

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Phylogeny and History of the Lost SIV from Crab-Eating Macaques: SIVmfa

Nadia Chernyak

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Jared Fitzgerald

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Awardee Name ORCID favicon  ORCID Department Co-Authors Journal Article Title

Gene Heyman

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Zhouyao Li

  Philosophy   Ethics and Global Politics The public conception of morality in John Rawls' political liberalism

Andrew Jorgenson

0000-0002-5902-3704 Sociology   Sustainability Environment, Development, and Ecologically Unequal Exchange
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James Russell

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Awardee Name ORCID favicon  ORCID Department Co-Authors Journal Article Title

Marc Muskavitch

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Leia Saltzman

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Gene Heyman



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Baldassari Di Bartolo

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Baldassari Di Bartolo



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Denise Testa



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Hugh Cam

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Thomas Seyfried

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Awardee Name ORCID favicon  ORCID Department Co-Authors Journal Article Title

Laura Niemi

  Psychology Liane Young (Boston College)


Caring across Boundaries versus Keeping Boundaries Intact: Links between Moral Values and Interpersonal Orientations
Rina Kim   Education; Curriculum and Instruction Lillie R. Albert (Boston College)

Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences

The History of Base-Ten-Blocks: Why and Who Made Base-Ten-Blocks?
Rina Kim   Education; Curriculum and Instruction  

Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences

Elementary Teachers’ Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics: A Review
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Journal of STEM Education

South Korean Elementary Teachers' Mathematics Teaching Efficacy Beliefs: Implications for Educational Policy and Research
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Using Technology in Mathematics Classrooms with U-Learning: A Story from South Korea
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Education Practice and Innovation

A Hierarchy of South Korean Elementary Teachers Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics
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Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences

The Recovery of Students’ Autonomy for Future Curriculum; Aesthetics of Conflicts
Rina Kim   Education; Curriculum and Instruction  

International Journal of Elementary Education

South Korean Elementary Teachers’ Anxiety for Teaching Mathematics
Rina Kim   Education; Curriculum and Instruction  

International Journal of Elementary Education

Development and Validation of the Survey Items of the South Korean Elementary Teachers’ Anxiety about Teaching Mathematics

Thomas Seyfried

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BMC Nutrition and Metabolism

Influence of a ketogenic diet, fish-oil, and calorie restriction on plasma metabolites and lipids in C57BL/6J mice

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