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Writing a Literature Review


Bibliography/Works Cited

Tips on writing a literature review (in any subject).

Check with Your Instructor

Librarians can help you locate the right resources for your research tasks, including style guides. Many librarians can even provide some citation instruction. For the following questions, however, you should check with your instructor:

  • Which citation style should I use?
  • Is this paraphrase is too close to the original language?
  • Is this an accurate summary?
  • Is this citation correct?
  • Is this bibliographic entry correct?


Simplify Citations with Refworks


RefWorks simplifies citation by:

  • Downloading bibliographic information 
  • Storing and organizing bibliographic information
  • Inserting citations into the body of your paper
  • Creating a formatted Works Cited page in a matter of seconds

RefWorks Guide (BC)

RefWorks Fundamentals Workbook

RefWorks Advanced Features Workbook

Refworks Video Tutorials

 Set up your personal RefWorks account:  

  1. Go to BC RefWorks page
  2. Click on "Sign up for a New Account" in the User Login box on the left
  3. Follow the instructions for creating an account. (Your username and password can be anything you choose.)

Major Citation Styles


(American Psychological Association)

Psychology, Business, other Social Sciences

BC APA Guide       |    Purdue OWL APA Guide


History, Religion & Theology, other Humanities, some Sciences

BC Chicago Guide      |    Chicago Quick Guide


(Modern Language Association)

English Literature, non-English Literature, Language, other Humanities

BC MLA Guide           |   Purdue OWL MLA Guide

Scientific Citation Styles

In the sciences, researchers often use the citation style of the leading journal in their area instead of following a standard style guide published by their professional organization.  Check the syllabus or consult with your instructor regarding the preferred style for the assignment.  Your subject specialist can help you find the guidelines for each style.


Legal Citation

The most frequently used style manual for citing to Legal Documents is the The Bluebook : a uniform system of citation.  APA, MLA and Chicago Manual of Style all refer to the Bluebook for citing to certain documents such as cases. More Legal Citation Help.