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Responsible Use of Electronic Resources



Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electronic resource?

Electronic resources are e-journals, databases, and e-books available online via the Web.


What are license agreements and why does the Library sign license agreements?

A license agreement is an agreement between publishers and the Library about under what terms and conditions the Library will gain access to the electronic resource. The Library cannot provide access to most electronic resources without a license agreement. Publishers demand these agreements to prevent unauthorized redistribution or use of their copyrighted works.


Who are authorized users?

The majority of license agreements define authorized users as currently enrolled students, faculty and staff of Boston College. In most cases, walk-in users (individuals who are physically present on the BC campus and who are not current BC students, faculty or staff) are included.


Are electronic resources available off-campus?

Off-campus/remote use is available for many, but not all, electronic resources for faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students at Boston College. Login using your BC username and password.