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Computers & Accessories

Computers & Accessories

Items Library Loan Period Replacement Cost

Laptops & Tablets


Dell 5000 Series

O'Neill, SWL 7 Days $680

MacBook Pro, MacBook Air 

O'Neill, SWL 7 Days $1095-1410
iPads Pro ERC, SWL* 4 Days $99
Chromebooks ERC 4 Days $1500
Mice & Keyboards      
Apple Mouse O'Neill 4 Hours $79
Dell Mouse O'Neill 4 Hours $10
Wacom Kit O'Neill 4 Days $2250
Apple Pencil O'Neill, ERC 4 Days $99
Wireless Keyboard O'Neill, ERC 4 Hours $77
Drives & Readers      
Hard Drive O'Neill 4 Hours $100
DVD Player for Laptops O'NeillERC 4 Hours $80
Blu-ray Player for Laptops O'Neill 4 Hours $160
Universal Card Reader O'Neill, Bapst 4 Hours $31
Floppy Disk Reader O'Neill 4 Hours $24
SD Card Reader ERC 4 Days  
Apple USB Superdrive ERC 4 Days  
Audio/Video Peripherals      
Headphones O'Neill, ERC, SWL, Bapst 4 Hours $20-30
HD Pro Webcam O'Neill ERC 1 Day $130
Ring Light O'Neill, ERC 1 Day $40
Laptop Stand O'Neill 1 Day $28
Laptop Case SWL NA $20

Library acronyms: Social Work Library (SWL), Education Resource Center (ERC)

*Only available for School of Social Work students and faculty.

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Technology Support Specialist

Usage Policy

By checking out technology items you understand:

  • Usage of items in this collection are limited to Boston College faculty, students and staff.

  • Usage is subject to the Boston College Technological and Information Resources Use Agreement.

  • Items must be returned to a staff member at the library and service desk where you borrowed the equipment.

  • You are responsible for reimbursing Boston College for the cost of repairing/replacing technology items and/or accessories in the event of loss, theft or damage 

  • You are responsible for reporting problems with technology items to a staff member when the item is returned. This includes any damage to the device. 

  • If you keep items past the due date, the library reserves the right to suspend library privileges and charge you the maximum overdue fines plus full replacement costs which are non-refundable.

Overdue & Replacement Charges

  • Overdue charges begin to accumulate after the due date/time up to a maximum of $100.

  • Overdue Policy: $20 per day. Up to a maximum of $100.

    • 4-Hour Loans: The first charge is applied one hour after the due time.

    • 4-Day & 7-Day Loans: The first charge is applied 24 hours after the due time.

  • You will be billed for the replacement cost 7 days after the due date