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HIST 2431: Leeches to Lasers: Medicine & Health in the United States


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Resources for essay two, analyzing a scholarly article—written by health practitioner(s) and published before 1990—as a primary source.

Resources for essay two, which asks you to analyze a scholarly article—written by health practitioner(s) before 1990—as a primary source illustrating an aspect of the history of medicine in the U.S. This course is taught by Conevery Bolton Valencius, Professor of History at BC.

Familiarize Yourself With Your Topic

Encyclopedias, bibliographies, and biographies are great sources for figuring out what the major topics are and how they've been debated by scholars. They can help you to identify terms to use when searching for sources. Plus, their references identify primary and secondary sources that you can track down and use to inform your argument.

Scholarly Societies

Formed to promote academic disciplines, scholarly societies often hold regular conferences for the presentation of new research results and publish academic journals in their discipline. Explore their websites to learn about current scholarly conversations.

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