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Mentor Texts to Teach Writing Styles


Getting Started

Mentor texts can be used by teachers and students for examples of writing style formats and strategies. This guide will provide instructional materials, children's and young adult literature, datababases and websites for additional information.

Instructional Materials about Mentor Texts

Why use Mentor Texts for student learning?

  • The texts can show a particular style or skill
  • Discussing texts  encourages thinking and talking aloud about elements of writing
  • Models reading skills, like inferencing, cause, and effect character traits, etc. to incorporate in student writing
  • Incorporates the engagement of reading and writing.
  • Can be used for quality, demonstrating common misconceptions, and also exceptional examples


Instructional Mentor Text Resources

Use the following resources to learn how to teach using mentor texts.







Sr. Liaison Librarian for Curriculum Materials

Databases for Articles about Mentor Texts

To find additional and specific topics regarding mentor texts, search the following databases.