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Gallup Analytics (Trial)



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Gallup Analytics Introduction

Trial through 5 November, 2020

Gallup Analytics provides trends in question responses in a few ways:

  • World Poll: the on-the-ground reality of people in more than 160 countries and regions through nationally representative, consistent sampling via face-to-face and telephone polling, annually since 2005
  • U.S. Daily tracking: the pulse of U.S. residents 350 days a year, interviewing 1,000 Americans every day through U.S. Daily tracking and the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index
  • Gallup Brain: the searchable, living record of U.S. public opinion dating back to 1935

Download the survey questions: U.S. Daily tracking items and World Poll items.

Topic areas:

  • Economic confidence
  • Employment
  • Entrepreneurial energy
  • Confidence in leadership
  • Confidence in military and police
  • Religion
  • Food access
  • Corruption
  • Freedom of media
  • Life evaluations

And many more.