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Educational Resource Center: Collection Development Policy


Getting Started

This guide details material selection

Educational Resource Center Collection

ERC Collection Development Policy

The ERC serves the needs of the Boston College Lynch School of Education and Human Development, as well as the related needs of researchers and students in the social sciences. The ERC bibliographers select materials based on user requests, curricular needs, social justice, diversity, and knowledge of the discipline. The bibliographer collaborates with the School of Education and Human Development community and purchases requests by faculty and students whenever possible. 

Position to consider when evaluating for Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

The selector examines their position to recognize blind spots which could hinder purchasing materials that are representative of a diverse population. The intention of the selector is to learn and exercise cultural knowledge to represent cultures, thought, and languages representative of the human experience and to create that experience within the collection.

  • The selector has acknowledged and locates their views, values. and beliefs in relation to the selection and collection process.
  • Biases require the selector to examine assumptions and stereotypes that come into play choosing materials
  • Identifying one's ethic of care and moral stance when examining cultures, languages, or thoughts different from our own

Discipline Scope and Collecting Emphasis

Teaching, curricular, research, and practitioner support for faculty and students support are the primary goals. Education as a discipline cuts across other subject areas including but not limited to:

  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Linguistics
  • Science

The depth and breadth of selected disciplinary areas collected depend on the School of Education and Human Development's areas of research and curricular needs as well.

Format Selection

Format decision follows the General Collection Development Policy of Boston College Libraries. We also consider the preferences of accessibility, patrons, curricular needs, and other factors.


The majority of the selections are for English language material. Due to the English Language Learning (ELL) and Dual Language programs, world language, bilingual, and translated materials collected in the language of schools LSEHD partners with for practicums. Also collected are cultural language exemplars like African-American Vernacular English and Spanglish.


The material selection focuses on current materials, retrospective acquisitions are made following changes to the curriculum or other specific needs.

Retention of Materials

Retention follows the General Collection Development Policy.

Acceptance of Gifts

Gifts are accepted according to the General Gifts Policy.


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