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How to Use the BC Catalog to Find ERC Materials


Getting Started

Use this guide to understand the features of the BC Catalog to discover materials in the ERC.

Finding ERC Materials in the BC Catalog

The ERC is a curriculum library.  We carry materials to support educators and counselors working with school-aged children. The following guide will show how to access materials.

Using the Advanced Search Option

Image showing where the advanced search options are located.

The BC Libraries Catalog searches ALL materials available. To retrieve searches specifically relevant to the ERC, use the Advanced Search option.

Search Options to find ERC Materials

showing the different features of the advanced search options

1. Search Scope- Use this option to determine the library search location. To find materials currently in the ERC, first, use the dropdown list and choose the Educational Resource Center. Some of our materials are off-site. To find off-site material, enter search terms and choose O'Neill Library for the Search Scope. 

2. Any Field- Begin keyword searching here. Use this drop-down option to search by Title, Author, and other limiters.

3. Material Type- This drop-down option will refine searches to Books, eBooksFilms/VideoKits&RealiaMusical Recordings.

4. Language- To find bilingual and other world languages

5. Date Ranges- To look for newer material or find material from a certain time period. Input newer date first.

Basic Keyword Search Options


This image shows how to limit within the search boxes

To find materials in the ERC, limit the Search Scope to the Educational Resource Center. In the first search field, enter a relevant keyword. In the second search field, use the following, as examples, to find materials.

  • juvenile fiction, to find fiction
  • juvenile literature, to find nonfiction

Other options to include with keyword searches are:

  • study and teaching, to find textbooks
  • graphic novels or comic strips
  • manipulatives (math or letters), will find items like counters, chips, or blocks
  • poetry
  • fables
  • fairytales
  • wordless will find wordless books
  • short stories
  • anthology
  • hand puppets
  • board game
  • card game
  • character dolls


Searching for non-fiction books about trees:

image of a catalog search

Need Help?

Please email to make an appointment or ask a question.

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