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Tools and resources for visualizing data focusing on open access software and data sources

Reference Tools: First National Interactive Map of Onshore Wind Turbines Now Online

First National Interactive Map of Onshore Wind Turbines 

 USGS created this publicly available national dataset and interactive mapping application of wind turbines.  This dataset is built with publicly available data, as well as searching for and identifying individual wind turbines using satellite imagery. The locations of all wind turbines, including the publicly available datasets, were visually verified with high-resolution remote imagery to within plus or minus 10 meters.

Knowing the location of individual turbines, as well as information such as the make, model, height, area of the turbine blades, and capacity creates new opportunities for research, and important information for land and resource management.  For example, turbine-level data will improve scientists’ ability to study wildlife collisions, the wakes causes by wind turbines, the interaction between wind turbines and ground based radar, and how wind energy facilities overlap with migratory flyways

New in Data Visualization

Check out the latest Data Visualization Tool, the new OECD Data Lab!

Visualize trends from OECD's  many statistical sources on key topics such as health, education, environment, economy, social and welfare issues, technology and much more.
Create graphs and share on twitter, facebook and other social media. Compare countries  to OECD just by clicking on a country. 
Create your own graphs at: