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CHEM2243: Honors Organic Chemistry


1. Introduction

Library resources and database training for CHEM 2243: Honors Organic Chemistry

Use the Library for CHEM2243

Use this guide to start searching key databases to find chemistry data and articles. You'll continue to build chemical information skills during your education, and later in the workforce. Use Email Me button on this guide to contact the Chemistry Librarian when you have questions or you would like to schedule a consult.


This guide focuses on finding a variety of information:

  • Chemical and physical properties of a specific substance, including spectra
  • Substances characterized by chemical and physical properties you specify
  • References to journal articles and patents about the synthesis of a specific compound
  • References about a particular topic, including (recent) review articles
  • Articles published by a particular chemist
  • Articles citing a particular item published in chemistry literature

Introduction to the BC Libraries Website (6:06)

Learn the three access points to library services & resources that will help you both speed up & deepen the research process: 1. library search, 2. get help, and 3. research guides.

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Go from LIbrary Database to Full Article (1:00)

This video excerpt shows how to move from a library database to the full text of an article. If BC doesn't have instant access to the article, we can get a scan of it from another library.

Chemistry Librarian

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Nancy Curtis
O'Neill Library 414A
Subjects: Chemistry, Physics