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Case Competition Cohort




Learning Objectives (from Case Competition Cohort UGMG2401 Syllabus Module 3: Importance of Research and Where to Gather It)

  • Upon completion of this module, students will be able to:
    • Realize the importance of in-depth research in the presentation and the Q&A of a highly effective case presentation
    • Locate BC Libraries resources that are available to help guide the research, whether it is a public or privately held company
  • Key Concepts
    • The importance of in-depth research in case presentations
    • Where to find sources for research for business cases
  • Adidas AG Research Example
    • For the purposes of this series of instructional videos, we will use Adidas AG as the company example and footwear/apparel as the related industry sector example.
  • See further resources at the Business &  Management library portal and the suite of Portico research instruction videos.


Hi, I'm Doug Olsen, the librarian dedicated to the Carroll School of Management here at Boston College. Please contact me with questions or to schedule a research consultation in which you will receive:

  • Individualized research training
  • Focused instruction on critical databases
  • Help with search strategies and tactics (Also see,  Advanced Search Techniques )
  • Tools and tips to keep you organized (Also see,  Zotero )

Please use the "Book an Appointment" option if you would like to set up a group meeting with me.