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Active Learning in Library Instruction


Web Tools

Online Polling Tools

Poll Everywhere: Create polls with a variety of question formats (multiple choice, open answer, word cloud). Students can respond in a browser window or via text message. Create polls or live, anonymous question prompts. 

Google Forms or Survey Monkey: Survey or quiz students and display group results on projector. Quizzes can be especially useful for multi-session classes. 



Other Digital Engagement Tools

Google Drive: Students can work independently or in groups to create documents, presentations, and more. Items from the drive can later be shared with the faculty member or librarian for credit and assessment.

Padlet: On this virtual sticky note board, students can create, edit, and move notes. 

Canvas Discussion Boards: Students can ask or answer questions in response to a thread created by the faculty member or librarian. As a pre-class tool, this allows students to begin thinking about library research. As a post-class thread, this allows the librarian to assess student learning and follow up with students.