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COMM 4459: Rhetorical Strategies of the Disney Corporation


Historical Newspapers

Guide for Rita Rosenthal's course

Historical Newspapers

Contemporary U.S. Paper Collections

Papers from the NorthEast

Papers from the West Coast

The Middle

[East of the Rockies, West of the Appalachians]

World News

Asian Newspapers

European Papers

Irish Newspapers

South American and Caribbean Newspapers

Additional Resources

Foreign Translated News

Microfilm Highlights @ BC

Several newspapers are available in microform at O'Neill Library, including:

  • Atlanta Daily World (1931–2013)
  • Boston Evening Transcript
  • Boston Herald (1848–1977)
  • Boston Pilot (1829–2007)
  • Cleveland Call & Post (1934–2003)
  • Los Angeles Times (1970–2009)
  • Philadelphia Tribune (1912–2003)
  • Pittsburgh Courier (1923–1977)

These papers and others are shelved on O'Neill Level 1 by title.

Microfilm @ BPL

Boston Public Library offers the most complete collection of Boston-area newspapers on microfilm, as well as other titles from Massachusetts and beyond.

Microfilm @ CRL

Center for Research Libraries has a large collection of U.S. and foreign newspapers.

Mostly on microfilm, our membership with CRL entitles the BC community to borrow large amounts of this material for extended periods.