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Understanding Results: Individual Record

Tips on Searching PsycINFO

Citation & Abstract Tips

1. Record Tool Bar
Add to selected items lets you mark the record and create a list of items to work with later on.

Save to My Research adds the records to your My Research account where they will be stored and available each time you sign in to the My Research account.

Email or Print any marked items.

The Cite tool generates a bibliography in any of the supported styles available from the pull-down menu. Remember to always check for accuracy.

Export/Save: Export items into a bibliographic manager. Save is used to save the records as a PDF, RTF, HTML, or a text only file. 

2. Find it
In order to locate the full-text of the journal article click on the button: 

3. References
Clicking on References will display the bibliography which was included in the indexed article. 

4. Abstract
This is usually the journal-provided abstract.

5. Subjects
These are the subject headings (sometimes called Descriptors) from PsycINFO's Thesaurus.

6. Age
Corresponds to the age(s) specified in the search.

7. Methodology
Corresponds to the methodology specified in the search.

8. Related Items
Click on Related items to display five suggested items that are related to the current record. To see more similar items, click Next 5.

9.Search with indexing terms
Search with indexing terms displays the indexed subject terms for the record and allows you to choose relevant subjects. When you click Search, ProQuest looks for documents in PsycINFO that are indexed using ALL of your selected terms.  

Individual Record